Waking up to a Hearty Breakfast!

Leaving Atlanta after 5 days, we took a Delta Air and flew back west across the States to San Francisco where we will spent the next 6 days and 5 nights.

My wife have been to San Francisco some years back and this is definitely her all time favorite US city. I am excited and looking forward to see the many sights of San Francisco in particular the Golden Gate Bridge, an image that I have grown up with, the windy and hilly streets, something I remembered from the TV detective series starring a very young Michael Douglas, "The Streets of San Francisco". I wondered how many of you are `young' enough to remember this series or have even watched it. Well, I grew up with it....

I must said that San Francisco is everything I expected and more. She is definitely different from Atlanta, from the people, the streets to the weather. While Atlanta was hot, San Francisco was cool and chilly even.

Before, I start yacking about the many sights and sounds of San Francisco, which will probably take several post because each site has so much to share, I would like to share something that strikes me while I was in US.....breakfast! (since I am writing this in the morning now and having my normal double espresso as my norm)

I was surprised myself at the volume of breakfast that I can eat while I was there. Back home in Malaysia, my normal breakfast is nothing more than just a cup of double espresso, but in the States, I must said that my breakfast was nothing short of wholesome and full.

Pier 39 is probably one of the most visited sites at San Francisco. The pier itself has an interesting history of how it all started but I will save for a later post. For this post, I would like to highlight Eagle Cafe, one of the few cafes and restaurants located here that is opened for breakfast.

The setting is comfy and nice but if you dare to brave the chilly morning sea breeze, then I would strongly recommend that you sit at their balcony outside the cafe where you will have a full view of the pier, of the many yachts that are moored there as well as a full view of Alcatraz!

Imagine, sipping a hot cup of coffee in your hands, your faced slightly `frozen' by the very chilly sea breeze while seagulls glide gracefully across the pier...the silence occasionally broken by the call of the sea lions basking in the sun further out at the pier, as you take in the magnificent sight of the morning sun on the scenic San Francisco bay and the awesome sight of a golden Alcatraz in the morning sunlight.

With a view like that, how can anyone NOT enjoy his or her breakfast and enjoyed the breakfast we certainly did, especially if the food is out of this world, well, at least to us, they were ......

I had this for my breakfast...Corned Beef Scramble Egg and what a meal. Now, I normally do not fancy scramble eggs back home and I would definitely prefer my eggs sunny side up. But I was gamed for an adventure and I was pleasantly surprised! The corn beef certainly tasted nothing like the corn beef that I used to have back in Malaysia, out of a can. On a normal day, I could not finish this even for my lunch or dinner cause the portion was huge but surprise, surprise....there was nothing left on the plate by the time I get through with it.

Now, did I tell you that my wife could really eat when she goes on a holiday? I didn't? Well, she can and this is what she ordered - Crab Cake Benedict. The egg benedict was done just right and the crab cake, heavenly.

And when you are in the States, you really really have to have their bacon. Trust me when I said that you can never have the same back home in Malaysia. At least, we have not tasted any as such back home yet.

Sinful but simply to die for .....hehehehe.

If I eat like the way I ate in the States, I would probably put on so much more weight and I guessed I must have after this trip because everyone I met seemed to say that I have put on some weight....

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