About the Eagle Cafe

The Eagle Cafe & Bar Since 1928

Since the 1920's, Eagle Cafe has been serving hearty breakfasts in Fisherman's Wharf. Within the wooden walls of this homey restaurant lies a rich history.

Eagle Cafe first started out as a ticket office for passengers traveling from San Francisco to ports in Mendocino and Humboldt counties. As popularity grew, the office transformed into a hash house in 1920 operated by Dan Andreotti and his family. In 1933 a full bar was added after Prohibition ended. Eagle Cafe became a favorite gathering place for local San Franciscans, mostly waterfront workers. They enjoyed sharing tales over simple home styled meals and 35 cent beers.

In 1978, the beloved haven faced threats of demolition. Mr. Lou Andreotti, who inherited Eagle Cafe from his father, pushed for the entire building to be moved from its original location (now the Pier 39 parking garage) to the new Pier 39 tourist development. Locals continued to flock to their favorite cafe as tourists discovered an unpretentious restaurant with amazing views and savory food served by the friendliest people.

Eagle Cafe in the 1930s in San Franciso

When Mr. Andreotti retired, ownership of the restaurant changed to Monica Komives. For over 20 years, she continued the tradition of Eagle Cafe until her retirement in 2005.

In 2005, Eagle Cafe changed ownership to Marcy Lim, a frequent patron of the restaurant. With the help of renowned Chef Joseph Melluso of Tin Fish Company, they expanded the menu with exquisite creations. Ms. Lim gave the rustic restaurant a beautiful renovation creating opened windows for better views of the waterfront. Yet she was determined to retain the old charm of Eagle Cafe. Many original fixtures including the signage remain. Eagle Cafe is still serving its famous original corn beef hash platter.

Eagle Cafe continues to be a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

We thank you for your patronage over the past 85 years and look forward to your returned visits for many years to come

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